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Discipleship Marketing is a service from Fearless Influence, a Christian Digital Marketing Agency.  This service exists to bridge the gap for Christ-centered organizations who can’t afford monthly support from a trusted, faith-based partner, but need the expertise, guidance, training and documentation to help make responsible decisions about their website, social and other digital properties.

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Christian Marketing Courses, Videos and Case Studies

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Our course curricula covers the areas of website design and development, search engine optimization, social media strategies, YouTube-specific strategies, branding and communications, and other social and digital media topics.  Our goal is to provide the body of Christ with the resources they need to glorify God!


You can also get immediate support through training and consultation services.

What Is Discipleship Marketing?

In the bible, we see many examples of discipleship. There is the relationship between Paul and Timothy, and the letters to the churches.  And of course, there is the life of Jesus, who spent His time teaching others about the very nature of God.


Discipleship marketing models these teaching styles.  We believe we are called to equip, replicate, grow, and send people and organizations, so that they may more effectively share the love of Christ.

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One of the unfortunate trends that we have witnessed in the last few years is a high volume of turnover at churches and other Christ-centered organizations.  This has been amplified by the growing need for these organizations to identify scalable and engaging digital and social media strategies.  These conditions have left many churches and non-profit organizations without the marketing resources that they need.


In addition to our educationally-focused coursework, we can immediately offer team trainings to help fill the need created by a departed colleague, or as a result of other changing circumstances.

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