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Discipleship Marketing Provides Christian Marketing Courses and Training

Fearless Influence, a leading Christian marketing agency, is excited to provide Christ-centered organizations with Discipleship Marketing, an educationally focused service aimed at providing churches, non-profit organizations, and Christian entrepreneurs with on-demand coursework. Discipleship Marketing is a comprehensive online platform designed to provide affordable faith-based marketing resources, courses, and consultations, enabling individuals and organizations to gain valuable knowledge and skills to market their missions and initiatives effectively.


As God has grown Fearless Influence, He has revealed a gap in the marketplace for many Christ-centered organizations.  Churches, non-profits, and Christian entrepreneurs face financial constraints and staff turnover, making investing in dedicated, monthly professional marketing support challenging. In January of 2022, God gave the word “Discipleship Marketing,” to Fearless Influence founder, Jimmy Bogroff.  And more recently the word, “release.”

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With clear marching orders, Fearless Influence has developed Discipleship Marketing as an accessible and cost-effective solution.  The goal of the organization is to provide scalable on-demand resources in the form of coursework, videos, and other educational materials to remove some of the barriers, learnings, and mistakes that churches and non-profits face when developing a website, launching a new social or digital channel, or when staff leave an organization and take valuable knowledge with them.  All of this is so that Jesus Christ is made famous.


Through Discipleship Marketing, visitors to the website will have access to a wide range of invaluable resources and training opportunities. The platform offers the following key features:

Get On Demand Christian Marketing Resources

An extensive on-demand library of Christian Marketing resources, including guides, templates, and case studies, specifically tailored to the needs of churches, non-profits, and Christian entrepreneurs.

How To Build Your Church Or Nonprofit Website

Explore comprehensive courses that equip churches and nonprofit organizations with the marketing knowledge and skills to create and maintain an effective website, fostering a strong online presence.

How To Help Your Church Or Nonprofit Website To Get Found By Google

Identify Christian Marketing strategies and tactics to drive organic and paid traffic to websites, ensuring increased visibility and engagement.

How To Setup Your Christian Marketing Social Media Platforms

Gain access to proven faith-based marketing methods and best practices to effectively engage followers on various social media platforms, fostering meaningful connections and amplifying the organization’s message.

Get Personalized Christian Marketing and Strategy Consultations

The opportunity to schedule one-on-one consultations with Christian marketing experts, providing tailored advice and guidance to address specific marketing challenges.

Train Your Church Marketing Team

Receive group training sessions, that are designed to empower Christian organizations and their teams.  Align your marketing efforts and maximize your impact.

Get Christian Marketing Support

In-depth courses covering various topics, such as branding, content creation, email marketing, and more, equipping individuals with the knowledge and abilities needed to excel in marketing.

More Services From Fearless Influence

Fearless Influence is excited to release these services and to empower churches, non-profits, and Christian entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to effectively communicate their missions, expand their reach, and make a lasting impact. Discipleship Marketing is committed to ensuring that even those with limited resources can benefit from professional marketing strategies and techniques.


About Fearless Influence: Fearless Influence is a leading Christian marketing agency dedicated to helping churches, non-profit organizations, and Christian entrepreneurs amplify their message, grow their audience, and make a lasting impact. With a team of experienced marketing professionals and a commitment to ethical practices, Fearless Influence provides up-to-date Christian Marketing strategies and customized solutions to empower clients to reach their full potential.

For more information about ongoing Christian Marketing Support, visit https://fearlessinfluence.com